Drinking bottled soda pop all day long can be a costly and unhealthy habit if you do not read the label on each bottle in detail. On the other hand, remaining hydrated all day long is a priority that you should never ignore. Luckily, you can now remain hydrated without compromising on health or money when you sip on pearly bubbles of joy with your own carbonated water maker.

Carbonated water is created when you infuse a quick dose of carbon dioxide gas into plain water. This plain water now turns into carbonic acid that bubbles with fizz along with a slightly salty flavor. In the past carbonated water or sparkling water could be produced only in huge factories that started churning out this product in mind-boggling numbers. Unfortunately many manufacturers also started blending in huge amounts of sugar, caffeine, sodium, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors in order to build a loyal customer base. All these chemicals could harm your body in the long run if consumed regularly.

Although many manufacturers have also started offering plain and flavored carbonated water, flavored seltzer water and club soda with lower levels of such chemicals, they can still be heavy on your pocket if you and your loved ones consume them on a regular basis. The cheapest and best alternative is to opt for a personal carbonated water maker that has shrunk so much in size that it can easily be kept on your kitchen counter without causing any obstruction. This compact soda maker can instantly turn a bottle of plain, mineral or spring water into tongue-pleasing sparkling or seltzer water with a press of a button that releases the desired carbon dioxide gas into that water. You can either drink this carbonated water in plain form or mix it with flavors minus any harmful chemicals usually found in packaged fizzy drinks.

If you have a large family or want to make several flavors at a time then you can also buy a soda fountain that can allow you to create and drink even four different flavors at one time. If your family is small then you can go in for a soda siphon that turns one quart of your safe drinking water into delicious carbonated water at one time. You and your family can easily enjoy the benefits of drinking water when you turn this water into palate-satisfying flavored sparkling water devoid of any harmful chemicals, and sip on it throughout the day. This concept is catching on like fire in countries such as the usa and you are sure to find the right model made by reputed carbonated water maker companies such as sodastream. The cost of one glass of your homemade soda-club will be a fraction of what you pay for bottled club soda and you will also be able to set your own carbonation levels with your home carbonated water plant.

Science has now shrunk the home carbonated water maker to such a size that you can now place it on your kitchen counter and enjoy glass upon glass of tasty carbonated water all day long. Children and diabetics too can relish each sip of this tasty water when you blend in flavors devoid of sugar or other chemicals. Your hydration needs can now be addressed in a lip-smacking manner as you and your loved ones enjoy sipping on pearly bubbles of joy made by your own carbonated water dispenser.