Enter into the fizzy world of carbonated water

All the vital organs of the human body require constant hydration without which they might cease to function and permanently damage the body. Your body too needs adequate intake of safe water in any form for it to stay alive and grow. However convincing your reluctant palate day after day to drink plain water could be frustrating. Luckily, you can now enter into the fizzy world of carbonated water and savor the joy of drinking bubbly water while enjoying the same benefits of drinking plain water.

While your tap or bottled water could be the best drinking water, it might hardly be the best in taste. However, a shot of co2 into this very water can change the entire taste and feel of this staid water. You can now turn plain water, artesian spring water or mineral water into fizzy sparkling water by passing it through your own home soda machine that injects carbon dioxide into the water and turns it to carbonated water within seconds.

Although you might be enjoying club soda or fizzy colas in restaurants or at the movies, these drinks could contain high levels of sugar, caffeine, sodium, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors that might affect your body negatively in the long run. You need to consume safe sparkling water to stay healthy.

By definition carbonated water or sparkling water is simply an effervescent drink that is created when carbon dioxide is injected into plain water. You can either drink it in this bubbly form or make it even more exciting by blending in fruity flavors into this fizzy water. You are sure to find several large corporations selling flavored carbonated water and flavored seltzer water in various bottles and cans. These are blended with real fruit juice or fruit flavors although they might still contain sugar or sugar alternatives and calories too. You might also chance upon tonic water made by select manufacturers.

If you are planning on making flavored sparkling water a regular feature in your diet then you need water that does not have sugar, caffeine, preservatives or other harmful chemicals in it. All you need is bubbles that provide that heady fizz and flavor that is totally safe to be consumed on a daily level.

If you buy your own soda fountain or soda maker then you can easily do your own water carbonation and that too at a fraction of the cost charged by restaurants or manufacturers of bottled sparkling water. Other than pressing a button when you need sparkling water, all you need to do is to re-fill the co2 canisters once they get finished. The entire process of turning drinking water from your tap or drinking water dispenser into fizzy water teeming with innumerable bubbles takes seconds and you can also blend in various flavors that can be safely sipped all day long. Diabetics too can get a pleasant alternative to drinking plain water if the flavors do not contain any sugar at all.

You now have the power to turn safe drinking water into palate-gratifying carbonated water with a mere press of a button. By buying your own carbonating machine you can get access to tasty sparkling water, flavor it as per your own choice and also lower your costs of drinking this delectable form of water. You only need to click on your mouse to get the right soda maker and all your favorite flavors right at your doorstep.