In bottled water sparkletts rules

If you live in the USA then you would surely know that in bottled water sparkletts rules since they have several products including bottled water, coffee, and several other products related to the drinking water industry. In bottled water this brand truly is the king since the 1920s due to their high quality and prompt delivery to homes, and offices all across America.

Sparkletts was established in 1925 and has managed to supply pure and refreshing drinking water to households and businesses including theme parks along with a strong presence on store shelves, especially in Texas, Southern California and Arizona. The brand Sparkletts is owned by DS Waters of America Inc, and in addition DS Waters and sierra springs have also made several acquisitions over the years such as taking over owaters in 2009. The company delivers bottled water in several bottle sizes right up to the family sized 3 and 5 gallon bottles. Sparkletts has its sources in several natural springs that ensure that the water that you drink still retains each vital mineral while only eliminating dangerous bacteria. In addition to bottled water sparkletts also delivers drinking water dispensers and drinking water coolers on rent.

If you require pure drinking water for your home or office then in bottled water sparkletts is truly the best. All you need to do is to visit their website and specify your location. The company will contact you and work out a delivery schedule that will ensure that your home or office is never short of pure and chilled drinking water. If you were a teen during the 1970s then you would surely remember the classic tv commercial that displayed a sparkletts delivery man that was delivering bottles water to a family. The jingle in the background would have surely been embedded in your mind as it did in millions of viewers all across the country. This advertising campaign proved to be a huge hit and sparkletts was soon a household name. The company has grown in size over the years but is also environmentally sensitive as it tries to protect natural reserves by embarking on the path of recycling.

You too can now call up sparkletts or visit their website to receive not only bottled water but also their flavored water that is available in four delicious flavors such as Cool Lemon, Strawberry Splash, Raspberry Chill and Pomegranate Breeze. These cool drinks are available in 500ml bottles and these zero calorie, zero carb and zero sugar drinks offer you a healthy alternative to fizzy bottled drinks. The only other alternative is to make carbonated water at home in your home soda maker and blending in your own flavors to make flavored sparkling water.

Truly, since the 70s, whenever you thought of bottled water sparkletts would come to your mind as it has left a deep imprint in people’s minds with their deft and addictive advertising campaign. Even now, if you have a problem in receiving pure and clear drinking water then you need not look further than sparkletts. You can now order bottled water, water dispensers and coolers, flavored water, and even coffee from sparkletts while sitting in your chair. In bottled water, this innovative company still rules the market and you can now reap the fruits of their experience and expertise by receiving pure products at reasonable rates.